Advice on Learning a New Language From Those Who Speak Many

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Curated from Anyone can learn a new language, no matter their age. Simply follow this expert advice down the sweet-talking path to success. Being fluent in a language other than your own is a skill in a league of its own. But what if you could speak 6, 10, or even 15 languages? It’s not impossible—in fact, […]

101 Mistakes NRI’s Make in American English

101 Mistakes NRI’s Make in American English Learn to avoid the most common mistakes Non-Resident Indians make in American English. Examples include: Pronouncing the letters of the alphabet, contractions (I’ll, it’d, etc.,) and words like environment. The difference between revise and review. Why you can’t get away with saying “I couldn’t able to do that.” […]

Our Top 10 Reasons to Learn a Foreign Language

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Learning a foreign language can be challenging, but there are a lot of benefits to be gained. There have never been more free educational materials for learning a new language than now. All you will need is to put forth the time and motivation to learn something new. Learning a new language provides benefits for […]