LIVE CLASS MONDAY, MAY 5: Common Pronunciation, Accent, Vocabulary, and Conversation Trouble Spots for Non-Resident Indians Living and Working in the United States and Canada.

Sign up now to join the LIVE ZOOM CLASS on Monday, May 10th at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

6:00 Mountain time
7:00 Central time
8:00 Eastern time

This live class will be for around 90 minutes with Q&A time after for those who want to stick around.

You will receive an email after you sign up and again before the class starts on how to join with Zoom. 

EVERYONE WHO SIGNS UP will get an audio copy of the class once it’s over whether you attend live or not.

101 Mistakes NRI’s Make in American English

Learn to avoid the most common mistakes Non-Resident Indians make in American English.

Examples include:

  • Pronouncing the letters of the alphabet, contractions (I’ll, it’d, etc.,) and words like environment.
  • The difference between revise and review.
  • Why you can’t get away with saying “I couldn’t able to do that.”
  • What to say instead of today morning and yesterday night.
  • Why people may be asking you to repeat yourself.
  • AND 90+ more mistakes you may be making without realizing it.

You will find some things you already recognize but don’t know how to overcome. Other things will be new and may come as a surprise.

Find out what you are missing in American English.

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